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Fair Info

Welcome to the 179th Medina County Fair!

At the very beginning, fairs were the center of commerce and agriculture. Communities came together to share, learn and feature the talents, innovation and accomplishments of their citizens. Once a year, people from everywhere would come together at the fair in celebration. That tradition continues today, 179 years later.

The fair embodies the greatness of Medina County. We pride ourselves on evolving into an event that truly reflects the talent and innovation of our citizens. From crafting to canning, looms to legos and milking cows to motorsports, the Medina County Fair showcases it all. With agriculture still a pillar of our event, we have reached far beyond, including open competitions that encourage participation from all ages at all levels of skill with all different interests. There are projects in creative writing, photography, art, flower arranging, legos, woodworking, antiques and so much more. It's everything you expect and a lot you never knew about. There really is something for everyone at the fair. We encourage you to check out our premium book, find projects that interest you and your family and enter next year. Be part of history. Be part of the fair.

As you walk the fair this year, you'll find sprinkles of history throughout the grounds. Vendors are offering delicious dishes, special music rings through the air and displays and exhibits will show you what life was like way back when.  We are proud to carry on this fine tradition for our great citizens and look forward to continuing it for generations to come. 

Come make history with us at the fair!

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